#Internet of Things

Conrad Connect GmbH

Conrad Connect - the new central IoT-platform, that lets your smart devices talk to each other!

First it was just an idea, then an experiment and now Conrad Connect is a 100 % subsidiary of Conrad Electronic.
In Berlin @ betahaus – the beating heart of the digital revolution we are starting up this business!

Science fiction? It is happening as you read! Learn more about Conrad Connect here!

Join the team and BE PART OF THE NEXT BIG THING if ….           

... you are not interested in the present but the fascinating future of the Internet of Things
... you are tired of hierarchies and want to feel the spirit of a startup culture
... you want to unleash the full power of connected products
... you want to join us on an exciting journey at a very early stage

Have you ever wanted your lightbulbs to communicate with your coffee machine and your heating system?
Conrad Connect makes all this possible – check this video out! 


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