Career Development

Conrad being a family business means that our management genuinely cares about everyone working at our company:

“We know that the success of our company relies on the skills, knowledge, creativity and commitment of each and every employee. For our company, operating in the digital age means both opportunities and challenges.  Whether we are talking identifying new technology trends, running state-of-the-art logistics, refining our omni-channel strategy , or providing excellent service to our B2B customers, all of this requires a whole range of different skills.  In this respect, supporting our employees by offering tailored professional training also means educating the next generation of managers and team leaders.”     

Nowadays, and in the light of continuously changing challenges at the workplace, staff development and training is key if you want to stay ahead of the competition. And we want you to join us, and help us tackle these challenges. Our seminars, workshops and online courses will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your role at our company.  Because your career is very important to us.    

See for yourself!

Christian Birner, Performance Marketing

Christian Birner (35) loves the challenges of Performance Marketing. After all, it’s all about identifying the touchpoints of his target customers. Choosing DVTS to obtain an MBA also meant plenty of work experience during his undergrad days. Something Christian continued to built on later in his subsequent role as a marketing and sales manager. He picks up on current market trends pretty quickly. Act. React. Improvise. Having been Head of B2B Customer Management and knowing  the various marketing channels inside out makes Christian an expert when it comes to decide who needs to spring into action when and where. He’s the one everyone in the company turns to whenever it involves marketing.    

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Jasmin Weiß, Controlling

Numbers. Lots of them. And Jasmin Weiss (33) definitely knows how to crunch them.  Monthly accounts. Year end accounts. Cost centre accounting. Activity-based costing. No problem at all for Jasmin.  Being a Senior Controller and the team leader of Cost Centre, Projects & Processing makes her work anything but boring. On top of which Jasmine and her team collaborate with other company divisions, developing tools like Dashboard that monitors whether our customers receive their items on time and in full. Because for Jasmine, it’s not just about numbers. It’s about utilising numbers to optimise in-house processing which, in turn, benefits our customers. Besides, using numbers as a means for creativity has always been her thing. 

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Helmut Müller, Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO)

Helmut Müller (32) develops strategies for our Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) business. After two years as a marketing manager at Conrad’s  own brand sygonix® he asked to be transferred to Hong Kong,  one of our company’s subsidiaries abroad, to gain work experience as a merchandising manager. Helmut really enjoys working with his team, and levelling with maintenance contractors, building engineers and all kinds of B2B customers from across the planet. And he likes to keep an eye on the ball – in the form of sales and competitor analyses and market research.   

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