Why join Conrad? Here’s what our employees think.

#1 Because you live and breathe technology.

Everyone should have the chance to organise their working day in a way that works best for them. Many areas across the company allow flexitime, or even working from home. Which helps keeping a healthy work-life balance.  



#2 Because you are looking for more than just a job.

For me, Conrad is sort of a home from home. Not just because the head office happens to be in the county where I was born and brought up. Personal development and fulfilment have always been very important to me. And besides an exciting job that really allows me to be creative, the company also encourages me to try new things and develop my skills.





#3 Because customer service doesn’t end at the checkout.

Since I was a kid I’ve been really passionate about technology. I know from experience that some technical challenges require skills beyond those of a mere hobbyist.  This is why  our customer support doesn’t end at the checkout. Working at our company means I am able to help these people, offering solutions that meet their needs, and to develop both my career and my interpersonal skills in the process.





#4 Because work needs to be fun, too.

Conrad is a great place to work at. Plenty of exciting tasks to really get your teeth in, and lots of help and encouragement from everyone else around. Conrad makes work fun. Which is why I like my job so much.





#5 Because you are a problem solver rather than a salesperson.

Looking into the smiling face of a customer whose technical issue no matter how big or small you were able to resolve always feels great. All of us who are working at a Conrad retail store consider ourselves much more than salespeople. We are here to help. After all, we all are technology buffs, aren’t we?





#6 Because you think globally.

I like working at Conrad because we are a globally operating omni-channel retailer supplying  state-of-the-art technology to customers around the world. I am just one of many employees here who have been with the company for many years. Something I am very proud of.      





#7 Because any future needs strong roots.

Despite the company has grown a lot, you still feel you are working in a family business. And I really like working for a modern outward-looking technology-based company that hasn’t forgotten where it came from.     





#8 Because your profession is your calling.

Conrad encourages thinking outside the box, embracing new ideas and change. The fact that I was able to contribute to the development of a whole new business area straight after graduation sums it up perfectly. The opportunity to tackle new challenges and tasks all the time means my profession has indeed become my calling.  





#9 Because the future is online.

Conrad makes us feel like it’s us who make the company tick. Besides really interesting tasks and lots of leeway when it comes to how to do our work, we all contribute to future-proofing our company. And as everyone here knows, the future is online. Which means that business will be centred around e-commerce, and we all are working hard to make it happen.   





#10 Because team spirit is more than paying lip service.

I’ve been working here for twenty years, and no two days were ever the same. Exciting tasks and projects, challenges that helped me develop my skills, and first and foremost , people you can really count on.  Being part of one huge team feels great. As does working in a company that appreciates and promotes team spirit.  





#11 Because being called nerdy is a compliment.

At school they called me a nerd, and a freak. Mostly because I used to invent and assemble all sorts of electronic gadgets.  Many people probably don’t know that our company develops its own products. Which allows me to put my creativity to good use.  For example, having been part of the team responsible for designing a 3D printer is something I am really proud of.  My co-workers appreciate my input. Who’d have thought that being called nerdy would one day feel like a compliment?   





#12 Because changes mean opportunities.

At Conrad I am working in my first managerial role, being involved in a variety of exciting projects .  I can see right away how my contributions help shape the company’s future.  Conrad’s great fun.